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Our Beloved Conductor Mr. Elias Djoka

PLN Indonesia Conductor

He’s the man Mr. Elias Djoka was exceptional personal … by the time he trained us very hard and firm .. we are a group of amateur singers but he bewitched us into extraordinary group of singers. We are grateful trained by a genius man like him. He assured us that everyone has rhythm and tone in their body, and each of rhythm and tone different if collaborated will be an extraordinary music..                                                     After that what we get? Incredible!!!!

Thank you Mr. Conductor.

We proud of you
_PLN Indonesia Choir/PS Cendana_

PLN Indonesia Choir Stylish before appearing on the evening of friendship, 18th of July 2012, Beijing – China

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Indonesia PLN Stylish Choir before appearing on the evening of friendship, 16st of July 2012, Beijing - China

How extraordinary after PLN Indonesia Choir appearing on the evening of friendship is getting tremendous interest from the audience. PLN Indonesia Choir bring 2 songs: “Bengawan Solo” (Indonesian traditional song from the central province of java) in the language of china and the others song is “Mambo”, song from Papua Island.                          We’d love to do it all again .. may God wills.